Best Bodyweight Strength Training for Women


With so many bodyweight workouts available for women out there, it’s hard to choose. On top of that, every woman is different. So there is no “one workout fits all” solution. 

Finding a fun way to work on your personal goal is how your fitness story comes to life. Looking for a bodyweight workout to start right away? 

Stop the scrolling madness and try out these recommendations

Depending on your goal, fitness level, and experience, you can: 

Start with one of the video bodyweight workouts (that our female users love!) Or…

Get a free personalized strength training for women with the Workout Creator. 

Start with a workout video: 4 unique bodyweight workouts What makes these bodyweight workouts special? 

  • 8-20 min long, easy to follow along 
  • Female users around the world love them 
  • Each one has a different focus 

Depending on your time and goal, pick the one that works best for you. 

Bodyweight workout #1: Toned Legs and Glutes 

Duration: 15 minutes 

Focus: Legs and glutes 

This workout is perfect to start strengthening your lower body. And if you sit a lot, your glutes need your attention, for sure. For an extra challenge, you can always do the workout twice! If you are looking to add variety to your lower body workouts, check out these 15 bodyweight exercises for legs and glutes

Bodyweight Workout #2: Short Full Body Workout 

Duration: 8 minutes 

Focus: Full body exercise combos 

This workout is just 8 minutes long, but it will work your whole body. If the classic reps and sets workout style is not your thing, you might enjoy exercise combos like this instead. Also, it’s great strength training for women on the go – do what you have time for; if you are not in a hurry, repeat it 2-3 times! 

Get the free 8-minute full body workout in the adidas Training app. Track your workouts to stay motivated! 

Bodyweight workout #3: HIIT Dance Workout 

Duration: 11 minutes 

Focus: Energize and de-stress 

Whether it’s the first thing you do to start the day or a home office break to re-energize in the afternoon, a dance-inspired workout will always put a smile on your face. 

By the way… Did you know that HIIT workouts are a great way to improve fitness in short training sessions? Or that a specific phase of your menstrual cycle might make you feel more ready for high intensity workouts? 

Get the free Energy HIIT workout in the adidas Training app. Track your workouts to stay motivated!  

Check out more bodyweight exercises to make your own home HIIT workout.

Bodyweight workout #4: Gentle Yoga Flow 

Duration: 20 minutes 

Focus: Stretch and unwind 

Enjoy a gentle yoga session for any fitness level. If you keep track of your menstrual cycle you will notice there are days when pushing it is just not your thing – especially if you have cramps. That’s when this workout might be exactly what you need. It’s perfect to unwind and spend some time getting centered. 

Get the free Yoga Flow workout in the adidas Training app. Track the workouts to stay motivated! 

Get a personalized bodyweight workout: Workout Creator 

Beginners, both women and men, often wish they could just improve a certain body part.

But most often than not, focusing on a certain area of your body does not bring satisfying results. Training all muscle groups throughout the week will make you feel and look better. It will strengthen the targeted areas more effectively. Once you cover the basics, you can always add a little extra focus here and there.

The Workout Creator tool from the adidas Training app is your shortcut to a personalized bodyweight workout.

With the Workout Creator you can… 

  • Choose workout duration 
  • Pick which muscle groups to target 
  • Edit the workout to suit your preference 

So easy to start, right?

You can find out here how to set up the Workout Creator in the adidas Training app (for free!). 


There is more than one bodyweight workout that will help you reach your personal goal. It may seem confusing, especially if you are just starting out. But the good thing is that there’s no wrong way to start! Just make sure to pay attention to your form. You will find tons of different bodyweight workouts focused on strength training for women in the adidas Training app and on our YouTube channel

Looking for something personalized? Make a custom bodyweight workout in just a few seconds using the Workout Creator tool


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