DC March to Defeat the Mandates


January 23, 2022, an estimated 30,0001 to 50,0002 Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., for a “Defeat the Mandates” rally.3,4,5 The crowd marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, where dozens of speakers6 — scientists, doctors, academics, media personalities and COVID jab victims — gave a series of inspiring talks intermixed with musical performances. As reported by The Defender:7

“After two years of being told to do what ‘Fauci says’ and comply with coercive COVID mandates because it’s ‘the only way out’ of an otherwise endless pandemic, Americans of every race, creed, sexual orientation, political affiliation and vaccination status joined forces Sunday to say, ‘Enough!’

More than 30,000 people traveled from all over the country for the ‘Defeat the Mandates’ rally to defend our inalienable Constitutional rights and protest vaccine mandates, government overreach, censorship and more.

The COVID pandemic has revealed broken systems, including our healthcare system, media and government. With truth, justice and the American way in crisis, rally-goers called for a return to basic values.”

The video at the top of the article features the speech given by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Below is Fox News’ coverage of the event and an interview with one of the co-organizers of the event, Will Witt, a PragerU commentator. Other sponsors included the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, World Council for Health, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and Children’s Health Defense.8

Interspersed in the sections below, you’ll also find the speeches by Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory and Steve Kirsch, founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund.

Kennedy’s ‘Defeat the Mandate’ Speech

Kennedy began by applauding the courage of “doctors of conscience,” who from the beginning of the pandemic have been attacked and harassed simply for speaking the truth and doing what their vocation demands. He also discussed the “information chaos” that has been a hallmark of the pandemic response:

“The orchestrated confusion and fear by manipulating PCR tests, overamplifying them, by changing the metrics for how death certificates are calculated; the complete absence of any good information on case fatality rates or infection fatality rates.

These are all the things that our public health agencies ought to be telling us so we can … evaluate the risk, the treatment and prophylactic protocols. We weren’t given any of that information. The information we were given were badly, badly manipulated.”

For example, he says, we were not told about age-stratified risks. The risk of dying from COVID for those over 70 is 1,000 times greater than for those under the age of 70, and for children, the risk of dying from COVID is statistically no different than zero. These facts were suppressed and the media convinced us the risk was equally great for everyone, and this prevented us from having a rational conversation about pandemic responses.

Pfizer’s Trial Data Proves Its COVID Jab Isn’t Safe

Kennedy then went on to review Pfizer’s trial data, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, after vowing transparency, wanted 75 years to release. Data released so far show that six months into what should have been a five-year trial, they ended the trial by unblinding the placebo group and giving them the real COVID shot.

What this means is that we can never know the long-term impacts of this injection, as they got rid of the controls. Still, the data is revealing. In those six short months, 21 of the 22,000 volunteers in the vaccine group died, compared to 17 in the placebo group. Extrapolating from that data, we can conclude that if you take the jab, you have a 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months.

Now, how could Pfizer conclude that the shot was 100% effective? Because only one person died from COVID in the vaccine group, whereas two people in the placebo group died from COVID, and two is 100% greater than one. This is what’s known as “relative risk.”

“It is a deceit!” Kennedy said. “The important thing for people to understand is ‘absolute risk.’ This is what absolute risk tells us: They have to give 22,000 people the vaccine to protect one person from death from COVID.

And if you have to give 22,000 people the vaccine to prevent one death, you better make sure the vaccine doesn’t kill anybody. Because if it kills one person, you have canceled out all the benefits.”

Well, in this case, we saw that the vaccine group had four more deaths than the placebo group. So, the data tells us that the jab is killing more people than it can save. The most common cause of death in the vaccine group was heart attack.

A total of five people had a fatal heart attack in that group, compared to just one in the placebo group. So, in conclusion, for every COVID death they prevent, these shots are causing four excess heart attack deaths. And, indeed, heart attacks are among the top most-reported adverse events.

The Seeding of Hatred Is Bearing Fruit

While some object to comparisons being made between our current situation and the Nazi regime, such comparisons are unmistakably spot-on. Those who object may be doing so because it hits too close to home.

Not only do media and our own government accuse people who stand up for the Constitutional right to bodily autonomy of being “domestic terrorists,”9,10 a shockingly large portion of Democrats also favor draconian penalties for the unvaccinated — including corralling them into internment camps.

A recent Rasmussen poll11 show 77% of those who identify as Democrats support vaccine mandates, compared to just 22% of self-identifying Republicans.

Of Democrats, 55% also favor fines for the unvaccinated, 59% think unvaccinated people should be placed under house arrest, 48% say government should be allowed to fine or even imprison anyone who questions the effectiveness of the COVID jab, 45% approve of segregating the unvaccinated into some sort of internment camp, and 29% endorse removing children from parents who refuse the jab. As noted by comedian JP Sears, who emceed the rally:12

“I don’t know much, but one of the things I do know is mandates and freedom they don’t mix. They’re like oil and water. They can’t occupy the same space at the same time.”

Media and Celebrities Have Misused Their Influence

As it stands, it appears half of all so-called “Democrats” have been brainwashed into supporting nihilistic totalitarianism, the complete rejection of established laws, democracy and constitutional rights.

We shouldn’t come down on them too hard, though, because the media have done such a fantastic job at brainwashing people with fear — fear of an invisible virus, fear of each other, fear of their own families. Everyone’s an enemy. Even those who are the image of health itself are portrayed as potential death dealers.

More than anyone else, the media bear responsibility for stirring up this hate, creating political division and polarizing Americans against each other. And for what? So that the media’s puppet masters can then pretend to “save” us from ourselves with their “Build Back Better” plan and Great Reset.

A number of celebrities have also misused their status to promote unwarranted hatred and segregation based on medical choices. Among them, Star Trek actor George Takei, who in mid-August 2021 took to Twitter to share his despise for the unvaccinated:13

“The willfully unvaccinated who wind up in hospitals from COVID should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people who are as much in urgent need of medical care.”

Media Try to Foment Civil War to Protect Their Puppet Masters

The globalist puppet masters want a civil war, and they’ve used the media to program people for it. A quick online search for “civil war”14 shows the media are busily pumping out articles “predicting” that civil war is imminent, this time between people in each individual state, rather than state against state. Don’t fall for it.

The whole thing is a sham; it’s sheer projection of what the “Build Back Better” authoritarians are doing against their own people. They want us at each other’s throats so we won’t be at theirs. It’s obscene, really — truly Orwellian doublespeak. 

The good news is that more and more people are waking up to the insanity, realizing where the problem actually lies. Our problem is not with each other, regardless of political affiliation or medical status. Our problem is with leadership that refuse to adhere to the U.S. Constitution, which spells out the rights of all Americans and upon which this nation was founded. As noted by Kennedy in his rally speech:

“We have witnessed over the last 20 months a coup d’état against democracy, and the controlled demolition of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights starting with the censorship … If you give the government the license to silence its critics, you have given them the capacity to commit any atrocity they want and to obliterate all the amendments and rights of the Constitution.”

You’re Being Starved of Crucial Information

The media have proven useless in this pandemic. Worse, they’ve proven to be an enemy of the people, withholding crucial, life-saving information while fomenting suspicion, fear, hatred and medical bigotry. As noted by Kory in his speech:

“Every time I try to speak out or we try to publish a paper, the medical journals reject them, retract them. They won’t review them. You are being starved of critical information. The media ignores us. They’ve captured the television stations and newspapers. They will not allow any information about nonprofit, low-cost medication to reach the masses. And people are dying.”

The media have been known as “the Fourth Estate” for the reason that they have the power and capacity for advocacy and the framing of political issues. Whether intentionally or through ignorance, the media have misled the people, resulting in needless death and suffering.

Rather than investigating and shedding light on important issues and concerns, they’ve hidden and suppressed one side of the story and twisted the other side out of all proportion. I honestly don’t know if they will ever recover. Of course, they have plenty of help from Big Tech, which suppresses and hides anything that contradicts the official narrative, making sure the “Mockingbird” press is all you see wherever you look.

If You Want to Preserve Humanity, Do Not Comply

There are no easy answers to this. There are no solutions that will be pain-free. If you want to be free, and ensure freedom for your children and grandchildren, then you must be willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable in the short-term. You must continue to speak out, wherever you can, and peacefully refuse to comply with freedom-robbing unconstitutional edicts.

You need to realize that freedom is not free. It’s not given willingly by those who want to lord over the many. Again and again, throughout history, people have had to fight in various ways to get it, and fight again to keep it when it was threatened. Our forefathers shed their blood and sacrificed all they had so that you could live in a free nation. Over time, that freedom was slowly eroded, piece by piece.

Now, the end result of giving in a little here and a little there is staring us in the face. We’re now close to losing everything. We’re close to losing ownership over our very own bodies, and when that goes, what do you have left, really?

Historically, a slave was someone who did not have the right to refuse a demand by his or her master. They had no bodily autonomy. Their body belonged to their master. Without bodily autonomy, we will all be slaves, whether we can identify our master or not. Like slaves of old, we’re also close to losing the right to our own children. What then?

We’re losing the right to work, get an education, the right to buy food even, or obtain basic medical care. What kind of life is this? Is this the kind of world you want to leave for your children?

It’s not even a question of whether the COVID jabs are safe or dangerous. It doesn’t matter. Even if they were safe for everyone (and they’re not), the idea that you’d have to get a medical intervention — ANY medical intervention — in order to “earn” the right to buy milk or watch a movie is simply revolting.

It’s anti-human at its core. So, if you deem yourself human at all, you have an obligation to act accordingly, and to resist, denounce and refuse to comply with attempts to strip us of our humanity.


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