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YXILEE 6Pcs Pilates Ring Set,Home Exercise Gym Workout Equipment Women,Yoga Circle Portable Equipment Include Ball Stretching Strap Loop Band Non Slip Socks for Fitness kit

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It really is a gentle way to exercise. If you’re an older adult and haven’t exercised in a while, Pilates is a safe way to restart a workout program.

Pilates is wonderful for everybody of every age. Seniors, in particular, can really benefit from a Pilates practice. Balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and your breath are all areas you may notice have changed with age. Pilates at its core works on improving all of those things. It is gentle enough to be right for you at any age, and every exercise can be modified on any given day to meet you where your body is that day.

Pilates builds a strong core, particularly the transverse abdominal, that helps ease backaches and pain. An 8-week study by Valenza et al (2017) showed a significant difference of 20% reduction in low back pain for 18-70 yr old compared to the Control group. 48% of young adults experienced low back pain reduction immediately following a Pilates session (Lopes et al 2017).


Various studies support the notion that exercise can benefit mental health and, Pilates has been no exception. Breathing performed in yoga and Pilates has been shown to cause a reduction in stress and blood pressure,explains experts. ‘Deep breathing also encourages correct blood flow and helps with sleep.

Pilates can improve your mood as physical activity causes endorphins to be released and causes a positive feeling in the body. Some scientists believe that being active can enhance well-being as it brings about a sense of better self-confidence, self-control, and the ability to rise to a challenge.


Pilates during pregnancy is a great way to ensure that you are maintaining an ideal posture to support your growing baby, muscles are strengthened and lengthened (versus shortened and tightened), and your body continues to move in a safe and controlled way where the load and stresses on your joints are minimized. Exercise during pregnancy requires modifications depending on mama’s tolerance to various positions and resistance. Pilates specifically assists in the improvement of some common issues post-pregnancy: Pelvic floor instability and hormone imbalances effects on joint stabilization Probably the most prevalent issue for new moms is pelvic floor dysfunction. This can plague women for years after giving birth if the pelvic floor is not re-activated and rehabilitated. Pilates teaches women how to connect to these muscles through breath and coordinated movements in a low to the no-impact environment which is key to pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Pilates Ring Strength and Tension

This YXILEE Pilates Ring will let you feels comfortable to use because its flexible and the proper thickness of the foam pads.The pads on either side of the ring make it versatile and convenient to manipulate for different exercises. Pilates exercises are not about how much power you can exert on the ring. It is not like trying to bench press the most weight for a title or something.It is about the subtle use of the ring to engage the correct muscles while not engaging unnecessary muscles. Please apply gentle pressure to the ring.You will find this fitness ring to be helpful in enhancing your workouts allowing you to get deeper into the exercise.

Make A Great Gift

To help you on your gifting search, we’ve rounded up an array of the best health, fitness gifts on the market to surprise your fitness-loving friends.Our Pilates set is the fitness gift for best choice.

Buy ours exercise kits for yourself or one for your friends,workout partner or family.It has clear instructions guide to help you start.This is the beginning of a surprise.


Set of 7 piece Pilates ring set

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro,ours exercise fitness set offers an essential tool selection for whole body exercise routine.Our fitness set has nine to make sure you have everything you need to build a solid foundation or take your Pilates & Yoga exercise level to a next level.

Package Include:

1 * Pilates Circle Ring

1 * 9.8-inch Pilates Ball

1 * 72-inch Yoga Strap

1 * Resistance Tube

1 * Non-slip Pilates Socks

1 * Resistance Hip Band

3 * Workout Guide

1 * Gym Bag


The materials used in YXILEE products are harmless,environmentally,skin-friendly.During the exercise, ours resistance bands will not break and roll up. No latex odor, elasticity, breath-ability and durability.Suitable for people with allergies – no skin contact with rubber or latex.


The Mini Pilates ball is small and light,easy to carry .Upgraded PVC material,thickened barrier, soft frosted touch. No pressure memory rebound, can evenly disperse strength, easily support your limbs, avoid joint soft tissue damage during exercise.


Our tear-proof and adjustable workout straps will help you stretch and increase your flexibility.You can use our yoga straps for injury recover, stretching, outdoor workouts, gym exercises or physical therapy and maximize your performance.


Made of premium quality combed cotton and 100% silicone gel grips on the bottom.Our Pilates socks are also great for when you do yoga&Pilates on slippery surfaces like tile floors,mat or even carpets. You will feel confident, and protected with our anti-skid, non-slip Pilates socks.

Date First Available‏:‎August 26, 2020

★【PRODUCT INCLUDING】★:1 * 12-inch Pilates Ring/1 * 9.8-inch Pilates Ball/1 * 72-inch Yoga strap/1 * 16.5-inch 8 Shape Resistance/ 1* Hip Fabric Resistance Band /1 * Non-slip Pilates Socks/3 * Workout Paper Guide/1 * Gym Back-bag.
★【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND COMPATIBLE WHOLE-BODY EXERCISE】★: Our Pilates Kit will systematically help you build muscle, butt, leg, arm and increase flexibility, agility. It can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body). It’s also easy to individualize Pilates exercises to make them easier or more challenging. Because of this, Pilates is an accessible fitness option for most people, no matter what their exercise background or ability is.
★【SUITABLE FOR POSTPARTUM, PHYSICAL THERAPY, SENIOR CARE EXERCISE】★: Low-impact Pilates workouts can serve as a strengthen muscle trainer and pelvic floor exercises equipment for Postpartum women to help them recover ASAP. You also modify exercises to meet different needs. It helps in stronger upper back muscles to prevent or relieve back pain for older adults. Rehabilitate Pilates is one of the best exercise options for people looking for safe rehabilitation following an injury or surgery
★【GET GOOD RESULT AFTER PILATES EXERCISE】★: A 10-week longitudinal study shows the physical and psychological benefits of once-a-week Pilates exercises in young sedentary women. By practicing Pilates regularly, you can achieve a number of health benefits, including improved core strength and stability, posture, and balance & flexibility. Prevention and treatment of back pain.
★【COMFORT & SAFETY】★: Better than most products in both quality and comprehensive,ours Pilate 6 kit features the non-slip surfaces pilate ring handle design, which easy to hold the handle well while doing exercise, providing a comfortable and safe experience.Ball material are PVC constructed, free of BPA.Pilates socks use a silicone non-slip bottom grip technology to make ours exercise safer.


YXILEE 6Pcs Pilates Ring Set,Home Exercise Gym Workout Equipment Women,Yoga Circle Portable Equipment Include Ball Stretching Strap Loop Band Non Slip Socks for Fitness kit
YXILEE 6Pcs Pilates Ring Set,Home Exercise Gym Workout Equipment Women,Yoga Circle Portable Equipment Include Ball Stretching Strap Loop Band Non Slip Socks for Fitness kit

Original price was: $45.98.Current price is: $25.98.

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