Running Watches & Partner Apps: adidas Running Compatibility

Running Watches & Partner Apps: adidas Running Compatibility



Did you know that the adidas Running app supports integration with various smartwatches, running watches, and can be synced to selected partner apps and training devices?

Good to know:

Your data is only ever shared across different apps when you have linked your account and allowed sharing.

Read our blog post to find out which partners you can connect with adidas Running:

How to connect the adidas Running app with a partner

Open the adidas Running app. Go to the “Profile” tab, tap “Settings” (the gear icon in the top right corner), and select “Partner Accounts”. Choose your partner and follow the instructions. If you haven’t done so already, you need to download the partner app and create a profile.

You’ll need to have the partner downloaded and create a profile.

adidas Running partner accounts


Apple Watch

Have an Apple Watch? Then we have good news for you: if you have the adidas Running app installed, you can leave your phone at home and track an activity with just your watch. Or, use your Apple Watch with your phone as a second screen.


You’ll need at least iOS 13 (or higher) on your phone and watchOS 6 (or higher) on your watch in order to install the app on your Apple Watch. You can use the adidas Running app on a Series 1 Apple Watch, but you will still need to bring your phone along in order to have a GPS trace.

Did you know? Apple Watch works with the adidas Training app, too.


Coros watch

Train at your best with COROS and adidas Running: The GPS sports watch brand COROS combines high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world’s most extreme environments.


Instead of bringing your phone with you on your next run, you can simply use your Garmin watch! Your workouts will be available in the adidas Running app for further analysis.


Train without your Phone: Huawei Watch combines best-in-class fitness tracking with independent connectivity and exceptional battery life. Once your adidas Running and HUAWEI Health accounts are connected, activities will be automatically synced.

Huawei smart watch

Good to know:

The HUAWEI integration is currently only available for the EU market.

Polar Watch

Polar watches help athletes at all levels discover their true potential – from improving health and wellbeing to optimizing athletic performance. Connect your Polar watch to adidas Running and boost your training with motivational challenges and a global community of fellow runners.

Leave your phone at home:

You can easily sync activities tracked with your Polar GPS watch directly to the adidas Running app.


Suunto is at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers, and instruments used by adventurers all over the globe. If you have a Suunto smartwatch, you can connect it with the adidas Running app. Go for a run without your phone, sync your activities, and analyze your training results.

Good to know: 

adidas Running is compatible with Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 7, Suunto 9, Suunto Spartan, or Suunto Ambit.

Wear Os By Google

Wear OS is an operating system designed for wearable tech such as smartwatches. To install the adidas Running app on your smartwatch, just go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for the adidas Running app. You can find it in the “Health & Fitness” category. If the app is already installed on your device, please make sure it is updated to the latest version. For more information, visit our help center article for adidas Running and Wear OS by Google.

Apps & Platforms

Runtastic partner platforms

Apple Health (iPhone)

When you complete an activity or a workout with the adidas Running app or the adidas Training app, Apple Health will be able to display useful information like walking and running distance or calories burned. These stats then form part of your daily activity statistics in Apple Health.

Follow these simple steps to activate the synchronization with Apple Health: go to the “Profile” tab in your adidas Running app, tap “Settings” (the gear icon in the top right corner), select “Partner Accounts”, and then “Enable Apple Health”. In the adidas Training app you’ll find synchronization under the “More” tab in “Settings”.

Google Fit (Android)

When you complete an activity with the adidas Running app and you are connected with Google Fit, Google Fit will also receive the activity data and then display information such as start time, duration, distance covered and calories burned. This information then forms part of your daily activity stats in Google Fit.


Once your adidas and HUAWEI accounts are connected, activities like running, walking, and cycling you logged with HUAWEI Health or tracked with HUAWEI Watch will be automatically synced.

Good to know:

The HUAWEI integration is currently only available for the EU market.


Abs are made in the kitchen: Track your daily calorie amount, break down meal ingredients, and learn more about nutrition with MyFitnessPal – the perfect addition to your training with adidas Running.


Nolio allows you to keep track of your training and helps you achieve your goals, either by yourself or with a coach. Start training with the adidas Running app and sync with Nolio so that you can monitor your progress.

RunMotion Coach

The RunMotion Coach is focused on coaching runners to help them achieve their running goals. Are you a beginner? The RunMotion Coach training plans take your experience, your goals, your availability, and your feedback into consideration. This could include beginner sessions that alternate between walking and running to gradually increase your fitness level.


Run with adidas Running, sync the app with Smashrun, and get sophisticated but straightforward data visualizations of your training results. 


TrainAsONE, the award-winning AI-powered running app and coach, constantly adjusts your training plan according to your needs, your lifestyle, and your goals. Maximize your workouts by connecting TrainAsONE with adidas Running to ensure that your personalized plan is always up-to-date with your latest activity data.


Sync your adidas Running app with your full Xhale training diary: Xhale helps you schedule, compare, analyze, and reflect on your running, biking or swimming activities, build a training plan, and track your progress. Work out by yourself or share your training with a professional coach.

Training & Performance Devices


Whether on a stationary bike or a treadmill – Zwift and the adidas Running app will take you into virtual worlds! Join virtual group events, races, or challenges for an additional dose of motivation.


Exercise with Kinomap and adidas Running! Run, ride, or row around the world virtually with thousands of videos and different levels. Challenge your community to a race and push your training to the next level!

Virtual Challenges

My Virtual Mission

Create your mission path, take on a virtual challenge, and track your progress. Unlock milestones while you run, walk, cycle, swim or row your way down the pathway. Connect the My Virtual Mission app with adidas Running to sync your training data.

Good to know:

My Virtual mission also supports the option to set up a mission to fundraise for your cause or a charity.

The Conqueror

Track your adidas Running distances and participate in The Conqueror’s virtual challenges to earn awesome real finishers medals, unlock virtual postcards, plant real trees and virtually immerse yourself in the most famous locations on earth while you work towards your fitness goal.



Are you passionate about running, walking, hiking, or biking? At VirtualRunners, you will find a multitude of virtual events taking place all over the world. Start a healthier and more sustainable life by joining online groups – connect with like-minded people, and challenge and motivate each other to push your limits. Reach goals while making a difference by signing up for charity events and supporting good causes. Sign up now, race for real, alone or with friends, and reward yourself with medals and shirts.

Vitality Running World Cup

Vitality Running World cup mobile app

Always wanted to run for your country? Now’s your chance! Sync your adidas Running app with the Vitality Running World Cup app, and run for your country. Be in with a chance to become running world cup champions in the biggest global virtual running event in the world!

Other Partners


REBO Smart bottle

Synced with the adidas Running app, the smart, reusable water bottle REBO creates a hydration plan just for you. Keep track of your daily water intake and stay fit and healthy.

Connect adidas Running to your partner accounts, and start your fitness journey today!



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