Top 3 15-minute Workouts ► Running Edition


Only got time for a 15-minute workout but want to go running? These 3 short running 15-minute workouts will help you get the most out of your time.

What are 15-minute running workouts good for? They give you a training stimulus even on days when you really have no time. Even though these 15-minute workouts are super short, they help you get your heart rate up in a very short time. This is a super-efficient way to keep getting fit! “I don’t have time” is no longer a valid excuse to not workout! 

15-Minute Workouts to Keep You Running Strong

Grab your shoes and go…these workouts include a warm-up and a cool-down, so no preparation needed!

1. 15-Minute Interval Run

How to do the interval run workout:

Warm-Up Main Set Cool-Down
5 minutes easy run / light jog 6 x 30 seconds intense (90%) with 30 seconds pause 5 minutes easy run / light jog

The main part of the workout consists of 6 intervals with 30-seconds of running/30-second pause each. The 30-seconds of running in each interval should be done at a very high intensity that makes breathing feel challenging. The only way to go faster would be to do an all-out sprint! Learn more about interval training benefits and how to set it up in the adidas Running app.

2. 15-Minute HIIT Workout, Fartlek Style

How to do the fartlek workout:

Warm-Up Main Set Cool-Down
5 minutes easy run / light jog 9 minutes of playing with pace and intensity based on how you feel 3 minutes easy run / light jog

Fartlek is a run with no predefined pace or intensity. You can run based on how you feel – just make sure to really mix it up. Believe it or not, jogging or running at a comfortable pace improves running performance. Example: Sprint to the corner, then walk at a relaxed pace until the red car, then run up the stairs fast, etc.

3. 15-Minute Sprint Workout with Increasing Intensity

How to do the increasing intensity sprint workout:

Warm-Up Main Set Cool-Down
3 minutes easy run / light jog
  1. 1:30 at 〜70% (fast but still breathing easily and relaxed)
  2. 1:30 at 〜80% (breathing is getting harder and challenging)
  3. 1:30 at 〜90% (breathing getting heavy)

Recover with easy jogging for 5-minutes and repeat the main set above.

3 minutes easy run / light jog

A sprint workout with increasing intensity is made up of intervals that get progressively more intense. Run slightly faster each interval, but not so fast you won’t be able to increase your pace in the subsequent interval. So choose wisely to avoid having to stop and catch your breath.

Got more than 15 minutes to workout? Try the 28-day beginner workout plan (no equipment needed)! Also, don’t neglect your glutes and try 15 of the best glute exercises to build a bigger butt and keep running healthy! Can’t run outside and don’t want to go to the gym? Blast your core with the 10 best moves to strengthen your core!

As mentioned above, these short workouts will help you stay on track, but they can’t replace a balanced training plan. Make sure to include low-intensity runs and check out this post to avoid making running mistakes. The easiest way to plan your runs is to become a premium member and get a running plan in the adidas Running app!

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