Will Smith’s Personal Trainer on Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life


Taking a closer look at emotions attached to certain behaviors — like picking up a box of doughnuts when you’re sad or the pleasure derived from mindless eating on the couch — can be uncomfortable.

“Most people aren’t prepared to go there,” Ferguson says.

“The ones that are prepared to go there aren’t then prepared to have a look at, ‘What has made me feel emotional in that moment, that I want to shift my energy by eating food?’” he says.

These are called different levels of consciousness, Ferguson says.

“Unless we start to understand ourselves to a greater degree and really allow ourselves to go to those deeper vulnerable spaces, that’s when we can create a shift.”

This “higher level of consciousness” is how many people maintain fit physiques for years, even decades, without yo-yo dieting, he says.

“[If] you understand your relationship with food, then you don’t tend to use it in a way that’s not beneficial for your health,” Ferguson says. “It’s the same with exercise.”

Practicing moderation, while staying consistent, is also prioritized.

“Even time off, maintenance, that’s really important, too,” Ferguson says.

Know Your Limits

While Smith may have taken on two huge challenges — that is, writing a memoir and shedding pounds in a fairly short period of time — that doesn’t mean we should all do something similar.

“Somebody like Will — who’s been so successful in what he’s done — he’s a beast, he can take on these things of massive magnitudes,” Ferguson says.

“For some people, a workout program can be enough,” he says.

“You try to maintain it 100% every day, it can be challenging, especially if you have a full-time job, if you’ve got kids, whatever your life circumstances are.”

The main thing is to not go past your edge, and that edge will depend on the person.

“I’m always encouraging of people going 10% past where they’re at, but there are a lot of times when I’ve gone more than 10%, and I’ve suffered the consequences of that, too,” Ferguson says.


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